Welcome to AAPA!

As the Director of Alaska’s largest and most important port, I am thrilled to invite you to attend the 97th AAPA Annual Convention in Anchorage, September 21st to 25th 2008. We have planned a schedule of programs and social events that will address the important issues we all face, while at the same time giving you a “Real Alaskan Experience”.

Our theme for the convention is “North to Alaska” which conjures up images of people fighting the elements to catch fish, mine for gold, or develop the North Slope Oil Fields. In fact, the development of natural resources is still what Alaska is about today.

We have planned an evening event at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, a gathering place that celebrates, perpetuates and shares Alaska Native culture, language, heritage and tradition. We will also take an afternoon train ride along the fabulously scenic Cook Inlet where you will see beluga whales and eagles out one window, and mountain goats and dall sheep out the other. The train will climb into the mountains and stop at Spencer Glacier, a magnificent wall of ice less than a mile from the tracks. Our final social event will be the Chairman’s Gala which will be the first event held at the new Dena’ina Convention Center with its stunning views of the fall foliage changing colors in the Chugach Mountains.

As the former Governor of this great state, I am honored to welcome you to this important conference and invite you to see the impressive expansion project we are undertaking at the Port of Anchorage. We are the Gateway to Alaska’s future.


Bill Sheffield
Director, Port of Anchorage